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Hello there, I’m Alexis. I’m the writer for Pages for Changes, living in beautiful New York, NY. While completing my undergraduate and M.A. degrees in American history and cultural theory, I realized how many of society’s problems are rooted in biases, concepts and premises that we are taught as children. How we think of “maleness”, “femaleness”, consent, skin color and even our own self-conception are impacted by our experiences growing up.

I understand that these topics are not easy to discuss with children and we may not think that the books we choose for babies influence the way they see the world. This is the reason for the blog. Here, I show you the books that make it easy to raise a generation of empathetic, worldly children. These books introduce imagery that reflects the diversity in the world, that shatters traditional gender stereotypes and introduces concepts that prepare children to understand the issues that will affect them throughout life.

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*Disclaimer: I work in the publishing industry and in no way is my blog a reflection of Scholastic, where I work. All opinions on Pages For Changes blog and social media pages are my entirely my own. I am also open about my possible bias for the books from companies I have worked for previously or currently. I will always state when I have received a book through work or for free. (Updated January 2018)